Episode 2 • Lover’s Lane

Episode 2 • Lover’s Lane

Lovers Lane. A secretive destination for hopeful young people. A lookout or secluded area where couples anticipate privacy. Privacy and intimacy was probably what they expected from their night. What they got instead, they never could have predicted. The killer struck again, at yet, another Lover’s Lane.

Episode 1 • In The Shadows

Episode 1 • In The Shadows

The murders of Betty Lou Jensen and David Faraday on December 20, 1968, were senseless and tragic. But at this point, for the people of Benicia, California and the surrounding area, there was no further cause for alarm. As callous as it sounds, this was just an unsolved crime in a small town.

Season 1

Atlanta Monster

Its 1979, and Atlanta is a city on the rise. It finds itself neck-and-neck with Birmingham as the hub of the New South. It’s been branded, “the city too busy to hate.” But in the summer of ’79, two kids go missing: 14-year-old Edward Hope and 13-year-old Alfred Evans. Both male. Both black. They would later be found dead. Murdered.

Season 2

The Zodiac Killer

The second installment in the Monster franchise, ‘Monster: The Zodiac Killer’ dives into one of the most notorious, unsolved serial killing sprees in history. Despite sketches, cyphers and taunting letters to the press, the question still remains: who is the Zodiac?

Season 3

DC Sniper

DC Sniper reinvestigates the beltway sniper attacks. This true crime podcast places the listener in Montgomery County, Maryland on October 2nd, 2002 when an unidentified sniper began randomly killing people going about their daily lives.

Season 4

Le Monstre

In the 1980’s and 90’s a kidnapper and serial killer terrorized the country of Belgium. His unspeakable crimes had the nation on edge as he preyed on its most vulnerable. After law enforcement proved unable or unwilling to stop him, 400,000 Belgian citizens took to the streets to protest what they believed was a high ranking cover up and government conspiracy.