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The second installment in the Monster franchise, ‘Monster: The Zodiac Killer’ dives into one of the most notorious, unsolved serial killing sprees in history. Despite sketches, cyphers and taunting letters to the press, the question still remains: who is the Zodiac? Hosted by podcasters Matt Frederick (Stuff They Don’t Want You To Know) and Payne Lindsey (Up and Vanished, Atlanta Monster).

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Episode 1

In the Shadows

The first confirmed victims of the Zodiac were Betty Lou Jensen and David Faraday on Dec 20, 1968. It was their first date.

2 · Lover's Lane

For the second time in a matter of months, a couple was just sitting in a car talking in a quiet spot when the Zodiac targeted them. He killed Darlene Ferrin and critically wounded Michael Mageau.

3 · The Most Dangerous Game

Three nearly identical letters, each containing one-third of a 408-symbol cryptogram, arrive at three Bay Area newspapers.

4 · The Lake

The Zodiac Killer strikes again, attacking another young couple. But this time, it’s during daylight, in the open, and his weapon is a knife. And now, he’s wearing a hooded mask.

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This true crime podcast tells the true story of Atlanta’s darkest secret, The Atlanta Child Murders. Nearly 40 years after these horrific crimes, many questions still remain. Host Payne Lindsey aims to find truth and provide closure, reexamining the disappearance and murder of over 25 African American children and young adults.


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